Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Because I have no time...

...and I want to post something:

According to Google Analytics, the only states that have not sent a visitor my way are Wyoming, West Virginia, Connecticut, Maine, and Alaska.

Do you know someone from those states? Please, as a matter of national security, send them my way.

The states sending the most visitors over to read my musings? California, Pennsylvania, NY, North Carolina, and Washington.

I have also had a significant number of visits from Canada, United States, and Australia, but alas, nothing yet from the Kingdom of Oman.

60% of my visitors use Internet Explorer (why?) 35% use Firefox, and the rest split between Safari and Opera.

I'm off for a couple of 12's. Enjoy your days of solitude and quiet till I return.


annahannah said...

The West Virginians are too busy voting for Hillary in the primary. :))

EveLeaf said...

Hey Braden! I found this blog after reading your comment on Eric Snider's site, and I just want to say, HOW MANY BLOGS DO YOU HAVE, ANYWAY? :)

Anyway, enjoyed your alcohol rant. Even before becoming LDS I did not care for it, and the smell has always given me an instant headache. I thank my non-LDS parents for raising me in a completely alcohol-free household and giving me absolutely no reason to acquire that taste. It was easy to give up.

Unknown said...

You can now count an Alaskan, albeit a transplanted-from-Canada-by-way-of-Kansas Alaskan, to your visitors list :)

Tiffany said...

Im a Washin-toninan!!

Just dropping by and leaving the rain with you!

SANDY G. said...

I'm a couple of years late, but I'm an Alaskan. Born here in fact.

Great site by the way! :-)