Monday, September 8, 2008

Iron Man

So after spending approximately 17 hours* ironing and barely having three outfits to show for it, I'm a little fed up with my scrubs.

I buy boring Scrub Wear brand scrubs from Uniform City because they have the kinds of pockets that I like and I can mix and match colors depending on my mood and what sports team I want to resemble on any given day. But when I wash them they always come out with permawrinkles - especially the pants. And it doesn't matter how quickly I get to them after the dryer is done (although admittedly tonight I let the scrubs stay in the dryer for a couple** of hours), I still get multiple creases all the way down the legs of my pants and scrub tops that look a lot like the floor of my living room after Christmas morning. Interestingly, though, the level of wrinkleyosity (made up word of the day) seems to be linked to the color of the scrubs. Seriously. The black scrubs are fairly easy to iron and the wrinkles come out like buttah, the dark blue is a little harder, the maroon gets difficult, and the light blue scrubs require exercises in voodoo magic and several small animal sacrifices to become wearable. Don't ask me why.

So to all the experts out there, what can I do? Is there some type of detergent or dryer sheet that works magic to avoid the wrinkles? Is there a pre-treatment that I can use before washing them? Am I just totally screwed and should just follow the "suck it up loser" solution? Those who don't seem to have any wrinklage problems, what do you do to get no wrinklation?

The big problem here is that my religion does not allow me to stand on my feet while holding an iron for longer than 54 minutes at a time*** and so I am very limited in how much ironing I can do. I need your help!

* okay, so it might have been more like 54 minutes or something. Big deal.
** okay, so it was more like 70 hours. Whatever.
*** okay, so it isn't against my religion, but I'm thinking of bringing it up as an idea to work into the next canon.



The wrinkle factor is a combination of a few variable: fabric content, lack of fabric softener and dryer settings. Fabric with sturdier feel and less cotton content seem to wrinkle less. Using fabric softener in the washer and dryer helps. And a medium setting in the dryer helps. The thing is to remove them before they are BONE DRY and hang them UP! You either work a little upfront, or you work a LOT afterwards.

(I personally iron EVERYTHING including my sheets and pillowcases, so I know a little bit about keeping things wrinkle-free).

HOPE it helps!

AtYourCervix said...

I avoid ironing at all costs. So, to do this -- buy only poly/cotton blend scrubs (the higher poly count, the better), remove them asap from the dryer, and fold them right away.

Jamie said...

I absolutely detest ironing and do all I can to avoid it. I don't wear scrubs, but I think my favorite solution may help you.

Sending your clothes to the cleaners is a great way to get clean, wrinkle free clothes with as little effort as possible. (The problem with my solution is having a bank account that allows for it though. Right now it's just a dream, but someday.)

Shadow Light said...

For me it never mattered how fast I took that kind of thing out of the dryer it always wrinkled. Now I put them in the dryer on HOT for about 10 minutes then pull them, pull the fabric straight and hang them. Works much better than ironing.

Kelly said...

I agree with Patricia. It's best to get the scrubs right as they finish in the dryer, given them a good shake and press with your hands. They won't be perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than being a slave to the iron! Just be thankful that you don't have to wear hospital issued scrubs like I do...they come out more wrinkly than a pug dog's face.

Nurse K said...

(1) Never buy 100% cotton scrubs
(2) Downy Wrinkle Releaser is more quick if you leave your stuff in the dryer overnight by "accident"

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above: 100% cotton scrubs tend to wrinkle more.

Also, if I leave my clothes in the dryer too long I get them damp and dry again or hang them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower and the steam helps release some of the wrinkles.

Tracey said...

I personally don't iron anything! I have a great hubby that does our laundry (I do the kids) and he takes my scrubs right out avoiding this.

But on his work clothes (he is a school teacher) he used the Downy wrinkle releaser spray previously mentioned and swears by it.

Anonymous said...

DUDE... you iron???
Have you ever tried Landau scrubs?
They were great for me. I was a pocket man. LOOOOVED pockets. I think I counted 8 or 10 pockets total between the top and bottom. And they never wrinkled, no special attention needed with an iron.
Best of luck with the scrubs!

jeepgirl said...

Downy Wrinkle Release and a SHIT HOT dryer for 10 minutes. Works every time!