Sunday, September 14, 2008

Overheard on Day 2 of ENPC

Overheard on Day 2 of ENPC Class:

* Teacher: "Neonates are irritable little things." Nurse: "And the ones who never get over it become politicians."
* Teacher (on telling parents that she was making a CPS referral): "Of course, I'm always worried that the parents will go off and get violent, so I make sure I bring our 90 year old security guard with me for backup."
* Teacher (German-born) (after several failed attempts at saying purpuric rash): "purp... pur... that purple one there!"
* Nurse in front (looking at picture on screen of a baby getting an LP) "That's a baby?!?" Teacher: "No, it's a puppy."
* Teacher: "SIDS is a life-threatening event."
* Teacher (on strategies to deal with crisis and post-traumatic stress as a nurse): "here is the next one: 'be rested, fit, and eat well'... okay, well I'm going to leave that one right alone!"

Other tidbits from the day:

* Innapropriate use of the word Literally award: "Sometimes you have to kickstart the kid.  Literally.  Kickstart them."
* Culturally insensitive word of the day: "phagocytosis"
* Typos of the day: "Meningococcocemia" and "Immedite Danger"

Oh yeah, and I passed, so you can go ahead and let your kids get sick now.



You are too funny. At least it was entertaining.

NewGradNurse said...

hey....leave our 90 year old security guards alone!

They put their coffee down just to provide their "hands off approach" while I'm getting my jaw realigned by a not-so-hands-off patient.