Friday, December 26, 2008

Whatever You Do... Don't. Blow. Your. Nose.

The Nurse Resource has a link to an article about a woman who may have charges pressed against her for spitting on an ER nurse.  The article contained this gem:

"The saliva in question had already been cleaned off the nurse’s face prior to the deputy’s arrival."

Was this fact actually in question?

"Yes, officer, I have the spit right here dangling from my nose.  I've had to hold my neck back like so for the last 20 minutes while I wated because the darn stuff just wants to slide right off.  Would you like to take a picture?"

Anyway, we had a similar event in our ER a few weeks ago, and the officer said that they were going to charge the guy with felony assault.  Rock on.


GrumpyRN said...

Spitting on people is disgusting and if it is done to staff it is an automatic charge of assault in our hospital, we have a zero tolerance policy towards violence and we always prosecute. In Scotland there is a law which makes it a criminal offence to interfere with an emergency worker in the performance of their duties, this includes ambulance, fire brigade, doctors and of course us. Last case we had (about 2 months ago) was a girl who punched one of our staff and was sentenced to 6 months jail.

Nurse K said...

I think it's always a felony assault if you assault a health care worker vs. a misdemeanor etc.

RN said...

I saw a nurse document RSI as using etomidate and sucks

JED said...

Top this....

I once had a student that was so talkative and would not pay attention in class, she was arrested. Her charge was disconduct!