Sunday, June 22, 2008

Submissions for Change of Shift

Calling for submissions for this week's Change of Shift. Please e-mail them to me at either pererau at gmail or at braden at bkellis dt com

Also, for the theme this week, we will be looking at the diversity of nursing careers, and I have e-mailed a long list of bloggers asking to return my email to take part in this. Many I have heard back from and confirmed support from, but there are still many that I have not heard back from or who seem to not be receiving my return emails. I need help from nurses who work in the following fields:

Emergency Nurses
Critical Care Nurses
School Nurses
Home Health Nurses
Labor and Delivery Nurses
Med/Surg NurseS
Telemetry Nurses
Long-Term Care Nurses
Psychiatric Nurses
Surgery Nurses
Student Nurses
Administrative Nurses/Managers
Nurse Educators
Nurse Practitioners
Outpatient Clinic Nurses

Also I would love to hear from:
Emergency Doctors

For all of these categories, I have sent e-mail messages out and have not heard back or have not received confirmation. I tried generally to pick lesser-known bloggers (though in some cases I took what I could find and asked some big names), but it is much more important to me to have a lot of participation rather than a particular person... and I can always use more than one perspective.

So if you are reading this and fit any of the above descriptions and want to help me out with the Change of Shift, please email me at the above addresses or leave a comment with your email address and I will get in touch with you.

If you know anyone who fits the above descriptions, send them the link for this post and have them contact me please.

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