Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol

Best quote of the night (by my wife):

"that had to be the single worst note ever sung on American Idol." (referring to Danny's girl's camp scream.

Runner up:

"ouch, he sounds like Grandma with a bad cold." (me, referring to the notes leading up to the fateful scream)

Other notes:

• I still don't like the register he sings in, but man does Adam have amazing voice control.
• I didn't see this thought coming, but I realized after that last duet that it should be an Adam/Allison finale.
• I miss Anoop.

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Reality Rounds said...

Hell yeah it should be Adam and Allison. I think Allison has an amazing voice and they don't give her enough credit. My eardrums are still bleeding from Danny's scream heard round the world.

Teenie said...

Welcome to the dark side, Mr. 20. :)