Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane... or a Uhaul.

Life has been interesting of late, with the culmination being a new job offer (actually two, but I could only accept one of them), and a trip down to my new state to get a license and complete the paperwork and look for a house.

That's right, I will soon leave Saint Bigold Hospital and travel to warmer climes, where I will start a new position in a smaller ER in a bigger hospital.  16 beds instead of 25, but the census is the same.  What does that mean?  Hallway beds galore, baby!  I'm not a big fan of hallway beds, but when the weather is great and the new base pay is better than my current overtime pay, I'll deal with a hallway bed or 6.

So that and a move and some sickness running through the family and a recent muscle strain and just being generally busy have kept me from posting as much as I would like.  I still plan on keeping the blog up, but the sparseness of the posts will likely continue for a bit until we get settled in to our new place.  I still have a huge backlog of "reasons for your visit" as every new shift in triage brings in piles of them, so I'll try to post some of those from time to time.

Oh, and in case anyone who cares really cares, I think Adam will win and deserves to win American Idol.  I still hate his over the top stage shows, I continue to almost universally love his studio recordings when he tones it down and just concentrates on singing.  Too bad I can't write in for Anoop, though.


Tonjia said...

hey! new to your blog! I am also an emergency room nurse and 2 yrs ago went from a 35 bed level II to a 9 bed level IV and have never regretted it.

good luck in your move!

I agree about Adam, I guess we will find out tomorrow.

*~Dani~* said...

Just dropping by to say congrats on the new job and the move. Although I dont work in the field and cannot really comment on the differencens in the two ERs, doesnt warmer weather make just about anything more tolerable?

Good luck with the move!

Epijunky said...

I know I'm jealous... I need a warmer climate.

Amongst several other things, but a warmer climate would help considerably.

Good luck :)

Tracey said...

Good luck B. I'm glad you found something to make you happier!

Prisca: said...

Best wishes on the move!