Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Get Seen Faster

ERP has a post up about how not to get seen faster over on his blog.  Read that (hint: how it should be done), then consider this:

A month ago, I was told to leave my four other patients to triage a boisterous lobby patient.  "Just check her out and see how she is doing," the manager told me, as she escorted her into an empty room in the ER.  I dutifully triaged her and went through the litany of ridiculous questions forced upon us by Jay, Co.(TM), and at the end of that marathon of pointless questions, I pulled out the thermometer to get her temp.  As I was so doing, the doc walked in, asked her why she thought she would get seen any sooner by making a fuss in the lobby and told her that she was going to wait her turn, then walked out.  As soon as she found out that she was to go back to the lobby, she started screaming and kicked over out vital signs stand and broke it.

Her reward: getting chased into the parking lot by the nurse manager as she stormed out, and getting escorted back to an ER room so that the doctor (who she yelled at for being "unfriendly") could see her, because as we all know, we can't have an unsatisfied customer.

And the 5000 dollar paperweight on the floor?  Written up as a loss.  To this day it still hasn't been replaced.

And that, among many similar stories, is why I quit that job and am about to start at a better hospital.

And that, among many other reasons, is why I have been very sparse in my blogging of late.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I haven't given up the ghost yet.


Mary said...

They have implemented a new program at our hospital with carnations & apology the nurse has to go into the room of the pissed off patient and apologize for not getting their pain medicine on time because she was busy doing chest compressions, or transferring a patient to ICU before there was a need for CPR.

*~Dani~* said...

It sounds like a new job was in order. Wishing you much success and happiness. Also, looking forward to reading more posts :)