Sunday, April 27, 2008

Call light idea as I was putting my 1 year old to bed, I was telling her that unfortunately, the call light was broken, so I may not hear her crying.

This got me to thinking.

The PCA pump trigger that we use in our ER looks remarkably like the call light that we use. (no TVs in our ER)

How unethical would it be to accidentally switch out the call light for the PCA pump trigger? I mean, really, what possible benefit could I offer that can't be matched or exceeded by 0.3 milligrams of Dilaudid every 8 minutes?

I'm just asking.

Hope my boss isn't reading.

Image stolen borrowed from Clay County Memorial Hospital website. Thank you CCMH and Google.


Devorrah said...

Great comment! The only time I needed the nurse recently was during treatment for a massive staph infection. I was getting Vancomycin(sp?) and Dilaudid, and the IV kept slipping out of my veins, letting the fluid go right into my flesh, swelling my arm up twice the size. Because of the Dilaudid, I just thought it was interesting.

Braden said...

I've been wrong once before (perhaps twice), but I think that getting an arm full of vanco is... how do you say it... BAD!

Perhaps that is one point where the call light would prove more effective than the PCA trigger.

Anonymous said...

Or being able to set a block on a call light. Once you hit the button it is locked out for the next 10 minutes.

I hope my boss isn't reading either.

too old school? said...

I personally would like to have certain system abuser get a little 'charge' from the button. For therapy of course

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