Monday, April 7, 2008

Medications continued

Last week I posted about funny medication spellings. Here are some more to add, these from a typed list:

Allergy to "Alchol in shape or form"
and finally: Metocaranide

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Shalom said...

I'm sure if I had time to go back through the files I could come up with some whoppers of misspellings on prescriptions (those we could read in the first place.)

Once had someone call in "Patient X needs a refill on his sep-trads". After scratching our heads in the pharmacy for a few moments, we eventually realised she wanted Septra D.S.

Then there was the patient who swore she was taking mescaline for her dizziness. (One guess what she meant... That name seems to get people mixed up. I wish I'd saved the restaurant menu that advertised mescaline salad instead of mesclun salad.)

I once had a tech who just could not get his mouth around the word naproxen; it always came out enoxaparin, which is a different drug altogether.

Shalom (R.Ph.)