Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What we wish we could tell our patients

Over at EDnursasauras she has a post from last month about her dream sign for the triage area. Go check it out and have a good laugh.

I particularly enjoyed these morsels:

If this is your third or more
visit with the same non-urgent complaint this week and you have not
followed any of your discharge instructions from your previous visits,
we probably can't do anything more for you. Most of our advice is based on common sense, and there is no prescription for a congenital absence thereof.


"Please do not inquire as to why someone has been brought in to be seen ahead of you. The triage nurse is very experienced, and if she thought you were as sick as you think you are, you would be in a bed too."

I worked in the fast track area today, and I can attest to the timeliness of that first piece of advice.

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