Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Baby

I try not to post too many photos of my children - internet stalkers and all - but sometimes they are just so gosh darn cute that I can't help myself.

Here is El Grunto* in full Chinese Action Movie mode:

My wife suggested I go into photoshop and take out the blanket and paste her** on a forest background.  The problem is that we got a new computer several months ago and I don't know where the photoshop CD is, so I've never installed it;*** so you'll just have to use your imagination.  I've included a picture from the movie**** to aid you.


* For those of you that do not speak Spanish, that means "The Grunteous One"
** The baby, not the blanket... a blanket pasted over a picture of a forest would just be dumb.

*** And even if I had, I'm lazy.
**** What movie, you ask?  If you really need to ask, then you probably didn't read the title of this blog post.  Go read it now.  I'll wait.  Are you back?  Do you still need to ask?  Please address your inquiries to 1-900-555-I'mmovieousllychallenged.


Epijunky said...

Ohhhh Braden.

She's gorgeous. But of course you knew that.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Sooo cute!!!

Curdie said...


oh, your baby is perfect, too.