Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm considering signing up for feedburner to increase my ability to be a stat nerd, but I've heard from some people that when you sign up for feedburner, it makes you commited to use the service because people then have to sign up for the RSS feed through their service and not through your native page anymore, but the reports seem to be conflicting.

Does anybody out there in Blog heaven have any experience and advice?


Mike Pittman said...

I use both feedburner and my blog's feed so I have both. I also don't use Blogger. I have your blog coming through Blogger's feed now.

It's a personal choice, I suppose. It's not like feedburner sucks your life force out of you or something.

Some folks like Feedburner so I cater to them.


Epijunky said...

Hey Braden... I can't help with feedburner yet (I'm figuring things out still), but I did figure out how to add subscribe to comments to my posts.

Hope that helps at least ;)

SteveC said...

I'm not in Blog Heaven 'cause I ain't dead yet(Pulse: Check! Breathing: Check! Interested in the opposite sex: Always Check!) But I've got both Feedburner and the RSS square on my Wordpress site... so unless it is just a Blogspot problem, you can run both. Feedburner will report your total subscribers, and give you a chart showing how many subscribe by RSS and how many subsribe by e-mail (through feedburner)