Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor Nurse Ratched

Over the months that I've been around, Nurse Ratched's blog has been my 7th leading referrer (and fourth among blogs), sending nearly 1000 people my way.
Nurse Ratched
I just found out that I'm not exactly returning the favor.  I was editing Epijunky's link to direct to her new blog site and realized that nobody has yet mentioned my referring to Mother Jones as a "psycho nurse" (I can justify this because my Dad is a psycho doctor - the PhD kind, that is - and so I know all about psychoology).

Anyway, to make a medium length story short, I clicked the link just for fun and realized that it goes to the old Nurse Ratched's place which has been out of comission for 3 months.  Oops.  Sorry Mother Jones.  Problem solved now, so expect thousands and thousands* to come flooding to your site, eager to sit at the feet of the psychoiatric master as I do every day.

*or maybe ones and twos.

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