Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Top 6... er... I mean 7

So you may have noticed that posts are coming few and far between lately.  Don't despair.  I'm still gathering material and keeping it safe and preparing to get back into it again, I've just found myself with very little energy lately, and sitting at the computer and composing award-winning posts has taken a back seat to playing with my kids and exploring the wonders of the iPhone.

Even American Idol has lost some of the glamour, as evidenced by my ever-shortening reviews from week to week.  Here are my thoughts for this week (I'm going from memory here - sue me)

Lil needs to go home. 4
Allison continues to show raw talent, but it is too raw for me to really get behind. 5
Danny hasn't really wowed me in a long time, but at the same time he hasn't been terrible either. 5
Adam gets nervous on stage or maybe he just thinks he needs to sing way too high when he is balladeering.  Then he hits the painful scream glory note and I'm left repeating myself: I'm sure I'll like the studio version.  4.5
Kris is starting to grate on me.  I find myself wanting to like him, but I'm getting tired of the whiny tone of this voice.  From reading a few blogs, everyone else seems to be wetting their pants with glee on this performance.  I just didn't care for it too much. 5
Matt did better than I thought he would with such a dumb song choice, but this is a bad song to try to sing live and he didn't blow it out tha box like you have to with such a song. 5
Anoop has an amazing smooth, silky voice and used it well on a boring and repetitive arrangement, and I'm not sure what happened on the last note, but something was off.  He is still the only contestant I really care about, and I don't understand the hating from Simon.  6

My predictions: Lil and Allison are going home.  Update: I looked at dialidol, and they have Lil as the top vote-getter.  Why, America?  So I'll say Allison and Matt.

Now I need to get to bed, as I have to get up for a boring 8 hour training day in five hours.  Dr. Pepper, don't fail me now.

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