Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Memorium

Anoop, you will be missed.

On the plus side, now that I don't really care about anybody left in American Idol, maybe I'll have time for other things.


LivingDeadNurse said...

Okay i was glad lil round was gone but matt was actually worse than anoop and yes i am not a fan of him so that takes alot for me to say lol...i like allison..for being young she has alot of potential...adam is growing on me and so is kris...but owell i never really wanted to watch this but my girls love so i am stuck till its over

Teenie said...

Sorry, but I couldn't listen to one more ballad out of poor Anoop. Actually, the whole lot of them are terribly dull and full of themselves. I only switch over to catch Adam, who's entertaining as all get up. And humble, too!

Bianca Castafiore? said...

in memoriAm.

unfortunately, you're required to be *perfect* when there's so much time spent dissing sick peoples' spelling/expression of their chief complaints!