Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol top 8 - the short, short version

Each week, I seem to have less and less to say.  This week I didn't even bother taking notes.

Allison impressed me - wasn't expecting it.  Adam was in the same boat as always for me: great vocals, but I just don't like his live singing voice.  I'm sure I'll like the studio version.  Anoop was good and I look forward to the cleaned up studio version.  Lil stanked it up.  Matt was okay, but sounded a little like a sheep.  Kris sucked big time.  Scott sang his best yet and it was still a yawner.  I like Danny less each week.  I'm actually kinda bored of him.

Okay, so in the end, that probably wasn't shorter than last week, but I find my interest in this season of American Idol fading.  The only one of the bunch that I really care about is Anoop, and when I tried to vote for him, the phone line was busy.  I thought that would be good news, but when I tested other numbers they were all busy, too.  If Anoop gets kicked off, I'm suing American Idol.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, I leave you with this freeze frame of Adam sitting on the toilet.  Seriously.  Go back and watch the first couple seconds of his performance.  Brilliant.

(sorry for the poor quality - taking a picture of a TV screen with the little iPhone camera doesn't lend itself to world class photos.)


Teenie said...

I'm bored of Danny, too. I really liked him at the beginning, but he's got less and less humility and it's getting schtick-y, for me.

But Adam is the only one of the bunch I'd actually pay to go see. He's an entertainer and you're never bored...

Kim said...

The last time I gave a hoot about American Idol, I had just finished power voting for four hours for Taylor Hicks (LOVE that guy!).

I had to let go, I was too emotionally involved with that darn show.

So now, I know who they are (how can you be alive in this country and NOT know), but I could not care less who wins (Anoop is cute, that's all I'm sayin')

PS - none of this would be true if David Osmond had made it through Hollywood week - I KNOW that boy can sing and grew up as a HUGE fan of his dad/uncles. I'd have power voted for him until my fingers bled.
Like I said, I get emotionally involed.