Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Top 7 - One Word Reviews

A very talented group continues to deliver mediocre performances.  Yet again, I'll probably enjoy Adam's toned-down studio version, but I hate hate hate him live.

Allison - Amateur. 4
Anoop - Beautiful. 8
Adam - Stupid. 3
Matt - Forced. 5
Danny - Distant. 5
Kris - Whiny. 5
Lil - Okay. 5

Predictions:  Bottom 3: Lil, Allison, Matt.  Going home: Matt


Braden said...

Okay, so I just listened to the original for Kris' song, and had I realized that he was covering a boring, whiny song, I may not have given him such grief for singing a boring whiny song. I guess I'll up his rating to a 6. Still didn't like it, though, but his cover was actually pretty close to the original.

And I listened to Anoop 5 more times. Not so hot on the first line, but the rest of the song is amazing. Love it.

Teenie said...

I think you may be a little biased, there, Mr. 20...