Monday, August 4, 2008

And I Never Want To See You Again!

On a comment about pens, Prisca said:

"On my floor, stealing a pen from someone can end a friendship!"

This may be true of the ER as well. In addition, there are several other things that I've found can end a friendship:

* Taking somebody's WOW - even if they haven't used it for the past several hours.
* "Oops, was that your food that we just threw away? It wasn't labelled."
* "You are in triage... again."
* Putting a patient in somebody's room and then forgetting to tell them.
* Helping out by stopping an IV drip, taking a pt to the bathroom, emptying a commode, etc and then not charting it.

Any other ideas?


Mother Jones RN said...

Too funny about the food. It's true. Don't mess with a nurse's dinner.



Saying "TAG! NOT IT" when the usual frequent flyer, drunk, drug-seeking, village idiot patient shows up in triage.

Kelly said...

what about saying that you'll send the labs that were (by some miracle of god) obtained from the the tiniest, rolliest old person with paper thin skin vein and then let them sit on the counter only to be no good for the lab to analyze.