Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disappointed Excitement

Excitement because I found out from my neurologist today that I don't need to worry about all the scary things that she was testing me for.

Disappointment because I still have all the symptoms, but with no explanation.

So on to the next steps: EEG and referral to Neuropsychiatrist (that sounds scary!).


Alensa Online said...

do you have an e-mail contact ?
Alex - dev(at)alensa.com

SunriseSky said...

I've been dealing with an oddly similar set of symptoms for several years now. I finally had a fabulous neurologist/pathologist take a guess and be right. I'm happy to pass you the info I've found, but it's a little much for a blog comment. I'm finable at muldoona(at)gwmail(dot)gwu(dot)edu

I wish you luck and patience with the process.

Tracey said...

I feel ya Braden. I'm in your shoes too. I'm also yet to be diagnosed though my symptoms are quite different than yours.

That's actually the reason I'm so behind on my blogging.

Tracey @ nighttimenursing

Bianca Castafiore? said...

The frustration of waiting for a diagnosis can drive a person nuts... so hang in there. Be sure to have your doctors lay out their differentials and ideas because there is nothing scarier, in those alone moments, than not knowing "The Plan." Cultivate, and use, your support system!

I meant to say something comforting and supportive -- not sure I did! You're being very patient and level-headed -- two attributes to which I aspire!