Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cruel Joke Revisited was just thinking: as long as we are having our ventilators play video game theme songs, why not just have downloadable ring tones?

The family members can choose from a list of thier favorite songs and assign them to the different alarms, so perhaps you could see some of the following options:

* If the tube is disconnected, we could get the theme from "Gone With the Wind"
* If the vent does not sense enough return of air, it could play "Waiting to Exhale"
* If the battery is running low, we could get Bryan Adams' "Can't Stop This Thing We Started"
* If the patient falls in too deep of a sleep, we could get Garth singing "The Thunder Rolls"
* Maybe if the ventilator senses several problems at once, we might hear "I'm Every Woman"

Any other ideas?

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Prisca: said...

"Take My Breathe Away" perhaps for when you first turn a vent on???

Yo mama! said...

The vent's where I work already ring out something that sounds like "get your ass in here"

what more do you want?


Where can we categorize "Another one bites the dust?"

No Cap Here said...

Hahaha...this whole post is the best thing I have read all day. SO TRUE and so FUNNY! With all the crazy, unnecessary technology running around- you would think the vent should tell you what's wrong with it! "I am feeling down today and I don't want to work anymore" Haha

Anonymous said...

The vent does tell you what's wrong with just have to understand the secret language of the RTs.

And for an alarm ringtone, how about "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead? Pink Floyd's "Breathe" would be a good one for the night shift...