Sunday, January 25, 2009

Filler (or Braden's Musical Tastes)

A while ago, KeepBreathing at RT101 had some time and nothing constructive to do, so he shared a list of songs that he likes by putting his music list on random mode and just listing out what songs came up.

If it's good enough for RT, it's good enough for me!*
  1. Richard Cocciante - Si Tu Me Revenais
  2. Celine Dion - Where Does My Heart Beat Now
  3. Piotr Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
  4. John Williams - Theme From Jurassic Park
  5. Garth Brooks - Unanswered Prayers
  6. Juanes - Nada Valga Sin Tu Amor
  7. Mark Chestnut - Almost Goodbye
  8. Colin Raye - If I Were You
  9. Antonin Dvorak - Allegretto Grazioso from Symphony Number 8
  10. Karen Carpenter - We've Only Just Begun
  11. Metallica - The Unforgiven II
  12. Foo Fighters - Everlong
  13. Benny - Llueve Luz
  14. Francis Cabrel - Je T'aimais, Je T'aime et Je T'aimerais
  15. George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
  16. Gerard De Palmas - Au Paradis
  17. Anne Murray - A Little Good News
  18. David Archuleta - Imagine
  19. Howard Shore - The Bridge of Khazad Dum
  20. Inside Out - Jackie Chan
Some notes on the songs:
I love youtube.  The only song I couldn't find: Boomtown by Toby Keith, so I skipped it.  My least favorite song on this list: #2.  My favorite: #5.  I went to see the Lord of the Rings Symphony performed live twice.  Amazing.  The first time while standing outside the symphony hall, Howard Shore walked right by me, but I didn't notice him until he was 10 feet past me and he pretended to not hear me when I called after him to get a picture.

* I did this with my entire music collection, but then realized that I have a lot of music on my computer that I never listen to and doesn't belong on my list, so I made a playlist with all the songs that I actually enjoy and that is where this came from.  Otherwise you would have found chapters from audiobooks and Christmas music and stuff that my wife made me rip from her CDs.  Also I hate rules, so I skipped some songs that I didn't feel like putting on the list.  Live with it.

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