Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter Scramble

As long as I'm on the Wordnerd kick, here is something that I find truly amazing.

I hvae seen tihs a few tmeis, but I am aywals bwlon aawy by how esay it is to raed.  The ieda is taht as lnog as you lvaee the fsrit and lsat ltetres in pcale, you can tlaltoy ranrragee all the ohetr lttrees and it is slitl redalbae.  Tehy say tihs is bceusae we dnot raed all the lrettes in ecah wrod, but rthaer sikm oevr wrods and flil in the balkns wtih our mnids.

I cnat get oevr waht the hmaun mnid can amopccislh.  It mkaes you wdneor, tuoghh, if we are so sramt, why do we siltl hvae MTV?  And why wulod my petanit form the ohetr day gvie me wtear inetsad of unire?  Taht is a qsuteoin for the aegs.

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Mary said...

This always cracks me up!!