Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Job, Bad Job

Interesting Pile is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs.  Nothing fancy there, just a lot (I mean it, a LOT) of links to interesting sites - mostly lists of top 10 or 20 such and such.  Usually fascinating, always a big time-eater, I've quite enjoyed following this blog.

Today, he linked to an interesting article on careercast talks about the best and worst jobs in the US, with criteria ranking them based on stress, work environment, physical demands, income, and outlook.

Most likely due to the stress and work environment, nursing didn't do so well, coming in at number 143.  Some other medical careers that ranked higher than nursing: medical records, secretary, dental hygenist, social worker, pharmacist, podiatrist, optician, psychologist, psychiatrist, dentist, orthodontist, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, and general practice physician (by one ranking).  A few that came even further down the list: physician assistant, surgeon (309,000 per year, but lots of stress), undertaker, CNA (number 173) and LPN (number 184).

Oh yeah, there's one more even further down: EMTs didn't fare so well.  They made 5th place on the list... of worst jobs - mainly for being a low-paying (26 grand average), high stress job with a terrible work environment (as if the car accidents weren't bad enough, then they have to deal with the ER nurses).  So that's why we have cookies in the EMT charting room...

Drug seeker didn't make the list.

Interestingly, those math nerds that we all gave wedgies to in middle school (yeah, I know - ironic coming from me) have the highest ranking jobs.  And my brother who is pulling in 6 figures writing computer code is up there pretty high as well.


Epijunky said...

My profession of choice. Number five on the worst job list, behind lumberjack, dairy farmer, taxi driver, and seaman???


Braden said...

at least you are not a seaman.

Anonymous said...

Why is respiratory therapy a better career choice than nursing? I love my job, but you guys have a lot more opportunities and much better pay than we do. Shit, if I'm going to get abused and hacked on by angry strangers, I'd rather get your paycheck for it than mine.