Friday, January 23, 2009

Victim Shortage

I was reading through interesting threads on and came across one asking about the nursing shortage.

Markas214 just happened to have posted a stupid liberal rant right before I got there, so I composed a response, and then decided to just put it here and leave the forum alone.  Go read his tripe first, then I'll put my comments up.
You back?  Good.  Here's my response to markas, though it may never get to him:

"...When i started it was a lull in hiring..."

Markets rise and markets fall, but if the politicians can keep their hands out of them, they always correct themselves in the end.  Just like 14 years ago there was a lull, there is a lull right now.  It will reverse itself and after these lean years, there will be years of plenty.  It was that way in biblical times, it was that way 14 years ago when you started, and it will be that way now.

I just hope that these scare tactics being bandied about on the left don't succeed.  I find it the ultimate irony that with one side of their mouths, these liberals can accuse the republicans of ruling by fear with the war on terror, and out the other side can tell you about the doom and gloom that is upon you in healthcare and whale-saving unless you do exactly as they say.

Markets rise and markets fall, jobs come and jobs disappear, money is made and money is lost, temperatures rise and temperatures fall, wars rage and peace reigns.  We live in a cyclical world.  Stop panicking.

"Arizona has absolutely horrendous unemployment compensation. $250/week. Try living on that after earning near six figures for the past several years..."

Go to and look up the monthly salary of a working nurse in the Philippines or Thailand, or do a Google search for the average world salary and let me know if you still think 12,000 dollars a year to do nothing at all is still horrendous.  I'm sorry to burst your entitlement bubble, but when you are making almost double the average world salary without lifting a finger, I find it hard to feel sorry for you.  So you got used to the good life and started living beyond reasonable means.  That's great.  It means you should have plenty of investments to sell in order to stay afloat.  Perhaps you could sell the 30,000 dollar car and buy one on craigslist for a couple grand that has better gas mileage anyway.

"...We are all the victims..."

That's right!  We are all victims and wo is upon us!  It isn't our fault so we shouldn't expect to have to do anything at all.  It's okay because grampa government will step in and save us, after all we are victims!  I know I'm a victim - after all, I'm a male in nursing and everyone else around me has long hair and boobs.  When I go to buy scrubs, I only have one rack of scrubs for me next to the dozens of racks for the females.  I'm a victim and I demand reparations.  President Hopenchange, please cut me a check right now.  I want the money I'm entitled to!

Markas, go grow some skin and stop being a victim.  Pull yourself up and get to work.  If you are worried about money, then go out and invent a new product, start a business, learn a new skill, ask a family member to help, get some help from your church.  Help yourself, and when that fails, get those who have responsibility to help you to get involved.  Stop looking for handouts from the government, and for the sake of all that is holy, stop looking your gift horses in the mouth. Every time the federal government gets its dirty, greedy, inefficient, bureaucratic hands tangled up in the free markets, things just get messed up more and more.  Sometimes you just have to let a cycle be a cycle.

Oh, and this is not a political rant.  It's just a statement of absolute fact.

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DJ said...

Nice response. I'm so sick of these "boo hoo I'm a victim, I deserve something for doing nothing" people.