Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol Top 36 Week 2

To all my rabid fans who have been bombarding me with e-mails asking me where I've been for the past week, please let your fears be alleviated.  There, that helped nobody, because nobody e-mailed me asking me if I'm still alive.  It's okay, though, because my Mom says I'm special, and that's really all that matters, right?

Anyway, I've been working like a busy little bee and now I have 7 days off to enjoy laying around and watching TV and blogging and sundry activities of laziness.

1. Jasmine Murray - Love Song ()
Jasmine comes into this show with a good chance of advancing - she's had a lot of screen time, is very attractive and confident and has a great voice.  The she sings.  Starts out bad but gets better, but not better enough.  If the producers want her, they'll have to wild card her.  5/10

2. Matt Giraud - Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
Here we have the only contestant from this round that I really wanted to see advance to the top 12, but what the @#$%#$% kind of song is this for him?  Who is that sheep up on the stage and what did they do with Matt?  4/10

3. Jeanine Vailes - This Love (Maroon 5)
This week's sacraficial lamb is Jeanine.  She's in the top 36 and we've never heard anythign about her.  Just another example of the stupidity of American Idol's producers.  So now she has to knock it out of the park.  She sounds like she is singing backup for the backup singers.  Ouch.  The judges keep mentioning her legs.  Probably because they have nothing else good to say about her performance.  Yeah, she has great legs, but what's up with the pointy face?  2/10

4. Nick Mitchell - And I'm Telling You (Somebody)
I'm not convinced that Nick is really a great singer, but I have to admit that from the beginning to the end of the song, I was smiling and laughing.  Thanks for the entertainment, and thanks for splashing a little water on Idol's face.  The quote of the night comes from Kara: "You wear the same shirt every night, just like Simon."  7/10 (mostly just for the entertainment factor)

5. Allison Irehata - Alone (Heart)
I try hard to judge these performances based on performance, but when you get a personality so devoid of intelligence (I believe airhead is the appropriate term), it takes a wallop of a performance to overcome it.  Add this to the fact that she just looks bad singing, and despite a pretty good vocal, I have to keep it real.  6/10

6. Kris Allen - Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)
The song starts off a little weak, but as he gets going he gets really good.  It takes some real skill to pull of a Michael Jackson song, and I think in the end he did it.  I don't know if it will be good enough to overcome the pre-show hype of Matt G and Adam, but I hope they bring him back for the wildcard round (unless they pick him over Anoop, then I hope he trips and falls in a deep hole).  I just wish he would stop doing the stupid fingerstappingonthemicrophone thing.  8/10

7. Megan Corkrey - Put Your Records On (Every American Idol Contestant Ever)
I really like the edgy quality to Megan's voice, but she is doing something funky with it tonight.  It feels like she is trying to push each word out individually and there is no cohesion to the song.

Dear Megan,

My daughter's doll called.  She wants her dress back.




8. Matt Breitzke - If You Could Only See (Tonic)
Surgeon General's Warning:  Do not attempt to pass stool while singing boring songs. 4/10

9. Jesse Langseth - Betty Davis Eyes (Kim Karnes)
I actually kind of like her personality, but whoa baby is she not attractive.  Anyway, the combination of her swallowing the end of every word and her pulling the mic away from her mouth after every word didn't do her any favors at all.  4/10

10. Kai Kalama - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Some Old Guy)
The judges roasted him, but I just loved this performance.  I thought he was strong and in tune and really owned the phrasing.  Weird facial expressions.  Great voice.  8/10

11. Mishavonna Henson - Drops of Jupitor (Who Cares)
I hate this song, but it is hard to find any faults with her performance.  Another inexplicable roasting from the judges will result in her not getting through, which is too bad, because she was far and away the best female performer of the night. 8/10

12. Adam "I'm a Girl" Lambert - Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
Adam manages to keep his high-pitched girliness to a somewhat reasonable level, but he is just not my style at all.  That said, I have to admit that he has amazing control of his voice and uber-confidence.  He will get through.  7/10

If I had my way, Kris Allen, Kai Kalama, and Mishavonna Henson would make it through this round.

Prediction: Adam, Allison, and Matt will make it.  We will see Kris, Megan, and Jesse in the wildcard round.

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Linda Wyatt said...

You did well with your predictions last week, and I think you're on the money this time as well.

I have been surprised by some of the poor performances from people I thought were pretty good before. Not the way I'd rather start out the season.