Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Threat of Bodily Harm

Sorry, not a nursing post here.

Recent times in which the television set was in danger of bodily harm from projectile missiles:

1. When David Cooke won American Idol
2. When Neal E Boyd won America's Got No Talent
3. When the referee ruled that last play a fumble

7 people over to my house and we were all rooting for Arizona (9 if you count my daughters, who were somewhat unwittingly roped into rooting for Arizona... okay, so the 3 month old just slept and ate and pooped, but the 2 year old had a great time cheering with everyone else.  And as long as we are still parenthetical, I guess I could take one away for my brother who just played on his nintendo DS the whole time, but was nominally rooting for Arizona).  All-in-all a great game with lots of drama and lots of ups and downs which kept us on the edge of our collective seat all the way to the end.  The 65 yeard TD run by Fitzgerald with under 3 minutes left had us all yelling so loud I was worried we might get mistaken for a jumbo jet taking off.

Oh well.  Congrats to the Steelers.

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