Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Top 36

So for all of you medical types that are just dying to know what it is that Braden thinks about the top 36 on American Idol, I say:

Tatiana?  Really?
Nathaniel?  Really?

Otherwise, I don't have too much beef with the contestants chosen, but still, even at the final 36 there were some contestants that we've never even seen before and others that we've only seen glimpses of.  What's wrong when I know Tatiana's bra size, but I've never heard of Ricky Braddy or Arianna Afsar or Jeanine Vailes?

So for what it is worth, from what I remember of the singers, my favorites so far are Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Stevie Wright, Anne Marie Boskovich, Brent Keith, Scott Macintyre, Matt Giraud and my wife says we liked Kai Kalama, but I don't remember him.  I seem to remember liking Felicia Barton, too.

But herein lies the problem:  Anoop, Danny, Stevie, Brent and Ann Marie are all together in the first week of competition, and they are only going to advance the top male, top female, and next top vote-getter, meaning that at some of my peeps aren't going to make it.  If I have to choose, I take Anoop, Danny, and Anne Marie.

In fact, that is my top five for the whole competition so far.  I hope the two that don't make it in round one will get through in the wild-card round.  Perhaps as I get to know the other contestants, I'll change my mind.

And for those of you keeping score at home, I find Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) funny and entertaining, and I don't mind him going to the top 36 to break up the monotony in a good way, but I hope he doesn't make the top 12.  I take my top 12 very seriously.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled ER blog.

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