Sunday, October 26, 2008


From Crzegrl via Pink, Warm and Dry comes the term ADOBSO, which so totally defines me.  Emily explains it this way:

“Well, it stands for: Attention Defic—-OOOOhhhhh Bright Shiny Object!”

I discovered this post because while I was busy writing a post about tipping, I got distracted by the episode of The Office that my mother-in-law was watching, and that got me wondering how much it would cost to buy my own health insurance, which led me to wonder if my email was set up correctly.  Then I had to put my older daughter to bed, following which I got distracted watching another episode of The Office.  Then I checked my Google Reader.  Now it is two hours later and I have a post based on Scalpel's post and now this post based on Pink, Warm, and Dry.  But my post on tipping (incidentally based on Voodoo's post) is still sitting there.

ADOBSO?  Yes, that is me.

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