Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Blogroll

I updated my blogroll to remove a few entries from blogs that are no longer active or those that I don't read very regularly and which do not link to me.  Several others I kept even though they were on the borderline.  This is because either I do read them sometimes even though they don't link to me (sniff, sniff) or because even though I don't read them very often, at least they send people my way.

I also added a few others which I read and enjoy but have not as yet put up due to my CLS (Chronic Laziness Syndrome).

Is your blog missing from my sidebar?  If so, and you want to be included, let me know and I will consider it. 

A word of warning:  I may say no.  I do not want a huge list of every blog on the internet just because.  I want my blogroll to be primarily a list of blogs that I truly recommend to others, and at the risk of being politically incorrect, if your blog is one that I do not plan to visit frequently, or if I find your blog objectionable, or if I get an acute flareup of CLS, you may not see your blog appear here.  Also, I generally do not embrace a new blog right away.  If I come across a blog that seems interesting, I will usually either bookmark it or subscribe via Google Reader and follow it for a while to see if it stays interesting.  And by a "while" I mean a while measured by ERST (ER Standard Time - for a definition of ER Standard Time, please sign in to an ER, go up to the triage nurse and ask how long your wait time will be).

And if you do not link to my blog and request that I link to yours, you had better have a very entertaining blog.

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