Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Tinkering

I'm the kind of person who gets on a roll and just keeps rolling.  I need to be in bed, but instead I'm still tinkering with my blog.  Among the changes:

  • I created a new email address for anyone who wants to get in touch with me to ask questions, request autographs, or serve subpoenas.
  • I created a new mini-blogroll of my select few favorite blogs to see how I like it.  I will probably keep both kinds of blogrolls and just have the auto-update one for the 5 or so blogs that I look forward to reading the most.  This will likely change from time to time.
  • I added a blog birthday banner for those looking for an excuse to buy me a gift.  Note that my birthday comes just a couple weeks after my blog's, so make sure to buy two gifts.  For that matter, my wife is a month before me and my daughter a day after me, so just max out that credit card, will ya?
  • I stayed up doing pointless stuff while I should be sleeping.  I'm going to regret this when Little Kitty wakes up every 30 minutes like she did last night.
  • Goodnight.


Utok said...

If I cannot max out the credit card; or, if my credit card does not have a high enough limit, will you take a personal check?

I could get you a cashier's check, but that would take longer.

Wait a moment... Where is the link to my blog? Alright, then, no money.

scalpel said...

I still can't sleep. Gah!

Thanks for the links.