Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain the Comedian

I have seen politicians try their hands at comedy before and rarely do I ever find it very funny, but John McCain's speech at the Alfred E. Smith dinner had some truly laugh out loud moments, including a few jabs at himself and some remarkably straightforward pokes at Obama and even the Clintons.  But amidst all the jabs and jokes, he does take a few minutes to give genuine praise to Obama.  Classy, that.  Regardless of your opinion of McCain, go check out these videos and enjoy a few laughs.

McCain Part 1

McCain Part 2

Obama also delivered a roast at the event, and it also had some good lines, but never seemed quite as funny or as well-delivered as McCain's.  Perhaps that is just my bias, but I didn't find myself as impressed.  His address is also in two parts:

Obama Part 1

Obama Part 2

Oh yeah, and nursing is cool and stuff (see? This post is all about nursing)

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Utok said...

Thank you. I found these to be very funny.