Thursday, October 30, 2008

They Aren't Dead Until They are Informed and Dead

Tex has a post up about funny nursing school stories.  This one made me spit my coffee all over my computer*:

While working the afternoon shift on a busy medical ward a patient
passed away, something that isn't new. An "older" nurse asked this
student to go and make the patient look comfortable for the relatives
to say good-bye to. Off this student goes and sets the patient up
complete with reading glasses and newspaper. Before anyone saw this set
up, rigormortis had set in and so they had a dead gentleman reading a

If you didn't just laugh out loud (or at least gasp in horror), then you need to take a minute and picture that scene when the poor family members come in to the room.

* Actually I don't drink coffee, and I wasn't drinking anything at the time.  But if I did and if I were, then I might have.

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audrey said...

Ok, that is absolutely HYSTERICAL! If that were my family member I would've laughed my ass off!