Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sure, If You Are Paying

Over at WhiteCoat Doesn't Rant Anymore, we learn of a fascinating survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation that pretty much describes most liberal ideas: it sounds great until you inject reality.

It turns out that most Americans want universal coverage for health care that is paid for by thier employer or the rich, but support drops considerably if you mention that, oh by the way, you are going to have to pay for this.

WhiteCoat concludes:

In summary, it seems that most people in the survey want “The best health care someone else can pay for.”

Yup, and while you are at it, I want a pony.



Nurse K said...

I consider it part of my job to tell uninsured people where the "deals" are for health care, the ER not being one of them. At the very least, nurses should refer patients to the PPA, have a list of the $4 Wal-Mart meds handy (and ask the prescribing doctor if the patient REALLY needs clinda or they can have the $4 PCN for the toothache instead) and know where the sliding fee/charity clinics are for medical and dental. The best gift you can give to a patient is a list of phone numbers along these lines.

Somenurse said...

AMEN! My idea of reform is to require that for every $100 spent in the ER the patient owes 1 hour of community service. You have 3 months to repay it. If after that time the service has not been done then benefits are denied. You must wait 6 months and do double time to earn them back. Think twice before you go to the ER for smelly feet.