Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol Results - Anoop Anoop Where Have You Been All My Life Edition

My TV came dangerously close to having a remote control flung through its innards as wildcard pick after wildcard pick after... wait a minute... is that Tatifreakinana?  Whatevs, peeps.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, as they got ready to call the last pick, my arm was cocked (can I say that on live television?) and ready to fling away, but luckily, my TV was spared a mild disembowelment when Anoop's beautiful name was squirted off the tongue of my dear friend Simon.

Now the important question:  of these 8 singers, who will the judges pick?  And the choices are:

Tatifreakin - No prayer of making it.  She is back to bring in the same types of people who slow down to see how much blood there is at the rollover accident.  Fodder.
Megan Corkrey - The judges sure seem to love her, and man does she have a cute smile.  I think she has a very good chance to make it through.  In fact, dare I say it, one spot is hers to lose.
Jasmine Murray - The weirdly cute teenager who the judges brought back even though she was horridly horrible in her top 36 performance would need to knock it out of the park while the other singers all puked on Simon's shoes during their performances in order to get a ticket to ride the top 12 express.
Jesse Langseth - I think that the judges are more wild on her than her voice supports, but that said, I really like that she seems to be an intelligent contestant who does more than just blindly do whatever anyone wants.  Because she breaks the typical mold, I think she has an outside chance.
Von Smith - No way.  They picked him because they needed an easy person to eliminate.  Fodder.
Matt Giraud - I really like his potential, but when he sang that trainwreck of a song last week and then said that it represented the style of music he wants to sing, he lost a lot of my support, and I think the judges felt similarly.  He has a chance if he can really get out there and bring it, but I see the judges picking Ricky or Megan over him.
Ricky Brady - We didn't get to know him at all before the top 36, and I think that the reason is perhaps that they want to grant him the title of dark horse, because a "suprise" success brings in ratings.  He has a good chance to make it through.  If you've never heard anything from him, check him out in this youtube clip of some song called "Love Me Like LA."  Not brilliant, and the song is missing something, but he certainly can sing, and even more than that, can emote with his voice, which I appreciate.
Anoop Dog - Dear American Idol, I know where you live.  Sincerely, Me.  Seriously, though, I think he is the most likely to get through, if for no other reason than that Simon said he was the easiest pick to bring back.  I want him to sing My Prerogative.  We only got to hear 5 seconds of it in Hollywood Week and it sounded like he really nailed it.

My prediction: Anoop, Ricky and Megan make it through, although if the producers want to avoid an 8-4 guys/girls split, they may sneak Jesse in over Ricky.  Matt would be the other one that might just sneak through.

Oh yeah, and Scott Macintyre, Flank Steak, and Jorge Nunez made it through from this week.  I think Scott may be able to win me over, I hate Lil Tritips style of music, and I could maybe enjoy Jorge as a Latin artist if he would lighten up a bit.  Nobody I'm really excited about, though.

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