Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol Top 10 - Mediocre Motown

I like these quick reviews.

1. Matt - He was aiiight, but the song didn't really go anywhere. 6/10
2. Kris - Not terrible, but he's no James Taylor.  5/10
3. Scott - My wife said, "I'm officially sick of his voice."  Me too. 4/10
4. Megan- Trainwreck.  Goodbye. 3/10
5. Fact: Anoop's voice can melt steel, but I could think of several better song choices for him. 7/10
6. Michael - How is he still in this? 4/10
7. Ground Rounds - Shouty. 4/10
8. Elvis Lambert - Good job, but way too high and mousy for me. 6/10
9. Danny - He wasn't finishing his words, and why would you say that Smokey knows best, and then not take his suggestions? 6/10
10. Allison - Good, but not as good as David Hernandez last year. 6/10

All in all, kind of a boring night.

My predictions:  Megan, Scott, and Michael in the bottom three.  Michael goes home.


midwest woman said...

actually thought of chris issak when I saw adam but as a good fibromylagier would say Adam was a 20 out of 10...only eason I atch this year.

Nurse K said...

I don't watch AI, so send me an email when you start talking about medicine again.

Pat R said...

Smoke Robinson has a staring problem...