Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol top 9 - "and I thought these were good singers" edition

Noop Dogg - just okay, partly due to crappy backup singers. 6
Megan - hot mess. 2
Danny - crap. 4
Allison - utter rubbish. 3
Scott - a little off key at times, but nice. 6
Matt - stupid song, mediocre perfomance. 5
Lil - too nasal then too shouty and overall too boring. 4
Adam - he just can't resist being stupid on stage. 3
Kris - good. Not great. Stupid end note. 7

Predictions: bottom 3: Megan, Allison, Matt.  Megan goes home

On an aside, although I have almost universally hated Adam's performances, I have quite enjoyed - or at least solidly tolerated - his studio versions, with Ring of Fire being one of my favorite studio versions so far this year (though not as good as Anoop's Always On My Mind).

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