Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Top 11

I'll be even quicker tonight:

1. Michael - Really bad song to try to show off vocals with.  4/10
2. Allison - Was that a sheep up there?  5/10
3. Kris - Nice, but it felt just a little like he had to force some of those notes.  7/10
4. Lil - Big song makes Lil's voice seem little.  5/10
5. Adam - Weird.  Just weird.  2/10
6. Scott - Nice, but a little weak.  6/10
7. Alexis - Is it just me or did she just sing the word "Jolene" over and over?  Brooke did this song better.  5/10
8. Danny - I listened a second time and didn't like it as much.  7/10
9. Anoop - I listened to this one five times and I'll listen many more.  Perhaps the first song of the year that I will probably go and buy the studio version.  Did I ever mention that Anoop is my homey?  9/10
10. Megan - I'm officially sick of her voice.  5/10
11. Matt - It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.  6/10

So there you have it.  Once again, you could kick off all the girls tonight (Alexis, Allison, Adam, Megan, Lil) and the show would be none the worse for it.

My predictions:  Megan, Allison, and Michael in the bottom three, with a chance of Alexis sneaking in there if her fan base isn't loyal.  Megan goes home.

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