Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Charting - President Bush Style one of my coworkers gave me a lunch break and when I came back I found a note on a patient's chart saying that the patient had gone to "nucular nuclear imaging". She actually pointed it out to me and we had a good laugh at the gaff, but I think if Bush saw that note he would have asked, "Hey, why did you guys cross it out and then spell it wrong?"

Speaking of getting words wrong, why can nobody in the entire world say Phenergan? Nobody I see seems to take that medication, though I've met a lot of patients who take Phenegren. In fact, even when the doctor prescribes it to go home with and I explain it to the patient and it is there right in front of them on the page in black and white, neatly printed from a laser printer, I still get questions like, "how long should I take the Phenegren for?"

I suppose it is that same mentality that results in me being called Brandon or Brady all the time.

And I can't leave a post about messing up words without mentioning the old holdout "jewelry", which is oh-so-frequently called "jewlery". I'm not sure what jewlery is, but I think it involves a funny little cap and a prayer book.

Update: I did a Google Image search for jewlery and came up with 163,000 pictures. Seriously. These are the people we get in the ER with random objects stuck up their noses.


FatwaGirl said...

There is a radio show on the weekend about real estate. The hosts of the show, professional licensed realtors, persistently pronounce the name of the company as "ABC Realaty" and announce their profession as "realators." I have to say that I am not going to patronize someone who can't correctly pronounce the name of his own job or business.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that I axed you a question as to why I can't have a pill for my pain.

murse c