Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Poll

I have a new poll in my sidebar. Take a moment and let me know how it is on your unit when it comes to anti-nausea medications. If you want to comment on the issue, do so here.



We use an even amount of Zofran and Phenergan. My personal favorite is Droperidol, which is a common PACU drug. Anything but the dreaded Anzamet, which was crap from the get-go, but cheaper for the hospitals to stock.

NewGradNurse said...

I once had a very bad reaction to IV reglan-my skin was crawling and I got so anxious that I thought I was going crazy.

That being said, I try to give my patients zofran. In general, I think it works better with fewer side effects. I do remember though in OB we gave people phenergan for its relaxing side effects.

Zofran is a standard admission just go down the checklist and zofran is the anti-nausea med listed. The only time we really use phenergan is with codeine for coughing.