Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dr. Mario

One of the great video games ever made is the simple and fun Dr. Mario.

Now it has come out for the Wii as a downloadable add-on, which, of course, I instantly downloaded, remembering all the nights of fun competition my wife and I had enjoyed playing the original NES version.

Oh what fun!

But even more important, I learned a very important lesson on fighting disease that we should look into implementing in our healthcare system.

Dr. Mario first introduced us to the concept of determining what color a virus is and trying to find pills that are a similar color. Despite the logic of this approach, this has not, in fact, revolutionized the health care system.

But now the good Doctor is back with a new strategy: Get together six or eight doctors and run really fast into the crowd of viruses and just running in place really fast until you finally push them away.

I think it has great potential.

So to all you Docs out there, lets see if we can get together in groups and start running. It might work best if we put the patient at the end of a big treadmill. Any other thoughts on how we might implement this strategy?


audrey said...

LOVE Dr. Mario! There is also a version on Brain Age 2 for nintendo DS.

Lisa G said...

Braden--totally off topic...would you mind dropping a post off at and explain to me how you got your stats on how many readers you have, how many are reading you in googlereader, etc? I'd like to check out my stats. Thanks a mil!