Thursday, July 24, 2008

So that's how you are reading my blog.

A couple weeks ago I asked how you were reading my blog and got 17 responses. to everyone who stops by to take a peek into my world and for those who took the time to respond to this and other posts. Other bloggers know that getting comments are the highlight of our blogging day!

Oh, and the other day, my Google Reader total jumped from 18 to 34, so perhaps it only updates every few weeks.

And it seems like I remember someone asking in one of the comments somewhere about how I get my totals for Google Reader and for how many people are visiting my site.

For Google Reader, all you have to do is bring up any blog and at the top right part of the screen there is a link that says "show details". It will tell you how many posts per week the blog has (it says 0 for me...) and how many subscribers (which, now that I'm looking at it, has jumped to 39).

As for all the other details that I get (like when people from Wyoming come to visit), I use Google Analytics for that. To get Analytics working on my blog, all I had to do was copy and paste some code to my blog. Using blogger, I just added a page element at the bottom of the blog and put the code there. Within a day, I was starting to get numbers and it keeps track of stats for 30 days.

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Lisa G said...

Thanks to YOU, Braden--I was the one doing the asking :)