Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wyoming Update

A couple weeks ago, I put a call out for Wyoming peeps to show their faces. One commenter hinted that she might be from Wyoming, but if so, then Google doesn't think so. Wyoming still remains the only state not to send someone my way according to Google Analytics.

Some other things we learn from Analytics (WARNING: BORING STATISTICS AHEAD! TURN BACK NOW!):

* Montana and West Virginia are also pretty much slackers. Each state has only deemed my blog worthy of 1 visit.

* Besides my state (which isn't first), California, Texas, and Pennsylvania have visited most frequently. Do people actually live in Pennsylvania? I thought it was just a front for some Tom Hanks movie.

* Rhode Island and Vermont have only stopped by a handful of times, but when they come by, they stay to visit many pages per visit.

* People in Arkansas stay the longest (by a wide margin) when visiting my site. I'm not going to comment on why that may be.

* People in Mississippi stay an average of 5 seconds. Speed readers.

* I thought it was a joke at first, but Kannapolis really is a city, and it is 5th place, after "not set", my city (hope management isn't reading... I'm going to have to mind my manners), Seattle, and Los Angeles. Interestingly, Minneapolis is right after Kannapolis.

* I don't think I could live in a city called Kannapolis.

* I also don't think I could live in Cabot or Bradley, but they are next on the list.

* My Change of Shift post has attracted 10 times more people than the next-highest individual post, but only 1/3 of the total traffic to my blog.

* The next-highest totals are my posts on Alcohol and Calling Codes.

* The blogs who refer the most visits to me, in order, are Emergiblog, ERNursey, Madness, Nurse Ratched's Place, EDNurseasauras, Crass-Pollination, and Medscape Nursing, with several of the blogs that I linked to at Change of Shift coming in behind those.

* Still at the top of the heap for how people find me are from direct visits and Google referrals.

* 57% of visitors to my blog are using Internet Explorer (why?) and 34% use Firefox.

* Internet Explorer 7 was released in late 2006 and yet only 67% of my visitors have upgraded.

* One person is still using IE 4 (released in 1997).

* Almost 9 out of 10 visitors are using Windows. Next is Macintosh, followed by - are you ready? - IPhone.

* My wife and I also keep a family blog. In the last thirty days, it has had 1/10th the number of visitors as this blog. Of course, we don't advertise that blog and it is mostly family and friends that come by.

Interestingly, although visits to my blog have gone through the roof, the number of subscribers to my blog through Google Reader has not changed at all since the Change of Shift. This despite me touting Google Reader as the best invention since Charlize Theron.

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