Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hatin' on the Disabled

I've already talked about hatin' on the drug companies, now it is time to bemoan those who be hatin' on the disabled.

And by disabled, I mean me.

Okay, so I'm not technically disabled in the park-in-the-handicapped-spot (legally, at least) kind of disabled, but I do have this recurrent OCD kind of behavior that only pops up every once in a while...

like when I walk down the halls at my hospital.

Please excuse the blurry picture, but at least you can see the mental anguish and torture that I go through every day as I walk to the cafeteria for lunch and find myself zigzagging aimlessly down the halls following the randomness of lackopattern that some id on the design team came up with.  I can deal with having to zigzag down the hall as I follow the green line to safety, but exactly what do they expect me to do when I come to the crossroads and have to choose one of two branching paths?  I suppose that I could take one branch and then follow it back around, but I am afraid that I would get stuck in a lunch-break-eating loop of incessant green-line-following.  And we all know the famous adage: "Where loopy green-line-following occurs, mumbling-to-oneself cannot be far off."

That is why I rarely venture outside the safety of my department.


Jamie said...

Okay, for somebody who has thing about everything being symetrical and having a pattern, that floor is extremely annoying. The picture almost made me start twitching.

Curdie said...

I have nothing witty to say about your post...but it made me laugh